scrunchie diy | (super easy!)

Guys - it's hard to start this blog post with anything but the fact that I love scrunchies. My friends and I have been wearing them all through high school and college - and they are one of the most comfortable ways I throw up my hair. Coincidentally, these hair accessories have also been all over my instagram feed, and on…

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Slides became super trendy last summer thanks to Rihanna's furry Fenty slides! I keep seeing them everywhere from so many designers, and thought that this would be a great, saavy DIY. The look is super attainable and you can completely make them your own.I've been meaning to do this DIY for a really long time, and I'm SO happy with…

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To be honest I thought that the lace-up trend was over and done with. However much to my surprise, it's still going strong! A few months ago I created this fun DIY on how to make lace-up denim. It was really easy and turned out great. Even though this video is kind of an oldie, I decided to bring it…

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The Easiest Last Minute Halloween Costume Ever! (Skeleton Costume DIY)

Hi everyone! This post was originally supposed to be a halloween tutorial. However, I had to give it the axe because it wouldn't have taught much... It was a lot of trial and error - even for someone who loves to draw (me). My brother approached me with this skeleton costume idea, and I was all for it! The power…

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DIY: Animal Topper Mason Jars!

Hi everyone! I've been a little DIY-obsessed for the last week, and decided to be super productive yesterday morning and make a quick DIY gift for the housemates. Although Valentine's Day is very much over, I still thought this would be an awesome idea to share. I saw this on Pinterest in the summer and find that it can be…

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DIY: “Be Mine” Paper Banner (via Muse Magazine)

Hi y'all! I'm sorry it's been such a long time, but school has gotten super hectic! I'm back with another last minute DIY that I did for Muse Magazine, an awesome school publication that I got involved with this year. Check out the video below!This DIY was really easy to make and it makes a great addition to your room…

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DIY: Mason Jar Candle Holders

Hey everyone! As I mentioned before, I am on the editorial team at Muse Magazine (working as the video content editor), where I craft DIYs and other fun videos! I love working for MUSE & they are always on the ball for all things creative and up & coming! I did a couple DIY crafts for the holidays, so here…

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OMBRE Hair: Tips, Tricks & How to DIY

Since I dyed my hair the first time around, I've received a ton of questions asking about my hair and how I went about ombre-ing it myself. I decided to dedicate a post to all about my ombre hair and my experience maintaining it!I decided to take a second shot at "ombre" as it crept back into style shortly after…

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DIY: Key Toppers

Colour coding is a super easy way to help identify which keys are for which doors… your bike lock, just about anything! Using nail polish is a simple and inexpensive way to customize your key tops! Check out this uber-practical DIY to learn how!Time: 1 hour (includes drying time)Supplies: Nail Polish (Vibrant colours work best)Top Coat Nail PolishTooth picks Tape Paper Step One: To prepare…

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lana lana lana

I ALWAYS end up having more costumes than there is to celebrate- I LOVE dressing up and Halloween. So in order to have fun in all of them, I decided to do more halloween posts....I heard that you like the bad girls...I have been absolutely obsessed with Lana Del Rey, especially these floral headbands that she's been sporting in tons…

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