DIY: Key Toppers

Colour coding is a super easy way to help identify which keys are for which doors… your bike lock, just about anything! Using nail polish is a simple and inexpensive way to customize your key tops! Check out this uber-practical DIY to learn how!

Time: 1 hour (includes drying time)

Nail Polish (Vibrant colours work best)
Top Coat Nail Polish
Tooth picks 
Step One: 
To prepare your keys for painting, use 1 inch of tape cover the jagged bottoms of the keys to protect them from getting nail polish on them. This will ensure that you have a nice clean edge after you paint the tops of your keys. 
Step Two: 
Start painting! Paint thin and even layers on the tops of your keys with the nail polish. Depending on the polish, sometimes they might need a second (or third) coat. Place them on a piece of paper before you do this to prevent getting nail polish on your furniture. 
Step Three:
Wait for them to dry for about 10-15 minutes. You can also use a blowdryer or leave them outside in the sun to speed up this process.
Step Four: 
Here comes the fun part! You can stop here, take off the tape and leave your key tops solid colours,  or you can go ahead with the designs! Make sure your keys are completely dry before you start. 
This is where you can let your creativity shine! 
Fun Polka Dots: Using the flat end of the toothpick, dip it into a bright colour and press it onto the key top like a stamp. Place them randomly all over the key top for a preppy, spotty look!
Colour Blocking: To do a trendy colour blocking design, use the tape again to section off the parts of the key top that you would like to paint another colour. This will create a nice, even, straight line once the key is dry. After, fill in the spaces that you wanted to paint! Absolutely fail proof and simple! 
Step Five: 
After you added designs, let them dry again for 15-20 minutes. Finish by coating them with a clear top coat. 

Once they are fully dry, take off the tape and you have customized, stylish, identifiable key tops! 
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