Slides became super trendy last summer thanks to Rihanna’s furry Fenty slides! I keep seeing them everywhere from so many designers, and thought that this would be a great, saavy DIY. The look is super attainable and you can completely make them your own.

I’ve been meaning to do this DIY for a really long time, and I’m SO happy with how these turned out. This blog post will go through how I created these slides more in-depth! But first, make sure you watch the video:


The total cost of my materials was $29, but I have a Fabricland membership that let me take 50% off of my purchase. The slides were around $3.50 each. Total price for 3 pairs of slides: $39.50! 

General Materials: 

Plastic pool/bathroom slides
Glue gun + glue sticks
Cutting mat or a surface for crafting
Sewing pins

Faux Fur, just enough to cover your slides(I got mine at a fabric store down on Queen Street in Toronto. But you can definitely get creative with this! Try thrifting a stuffed animal or a faux fur scarf for an even less expensive option)

2 Metres of Satin ribbon (about 4.5 inches wide across), purchased at Fabricland
Stuffing (or any scrap fabric to add a bit of cushion to your slide)

1 Metre of Silver Chain (purchased at Fabricland)
1.5 Metres of 3/4 inch Satin blue ribbon (purchased at fabric land)
0.5 Metre of Satin ribbon (about 4.5 inches wide across, purchased at Fabricland)


I go into more in-depth instructions in the video, but here are a few tips that can make the process easier! 
  • Pins were really helpful: The pins were able to keep everything in place while I was glueing, without any damage to the fabrics or the slides. I kept them in while the glue was drying as well to help it hold. 
  • Contrary to popular belief, the glue sticks from the the glue gun are surprisingly sturdy. I have another pair of slides that I made in December and the fur on top is still staying on quite strong! It really worked for me, plus it was malleable enough to move around in case I positioned it improperly. But if you’re having trouble with regular glue, try the e6000 craft adhesive. 
  • My feet are really narrow and the slides are quite a bit wide across. I actually folded the fabric over to the underside, that way the opening is a bit smaller and easier for me. 
  • If you want to make the chain on the Chanel inspired ones extra secure, use a needle and thread to fasten it. 
  • I got my slides from the Chinese supermarket (I highly recommend this!!) but I also have seen them at the dollar store and Amazon. 
Which pair of slides was your fave? I can’t wait to wear these when the weather gets warmer! 
Love Always,

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