Hi there! My name is Rachel Spencer. I am a full-time YouTuber and content creator. I deep love for style, which led me to create both my blog and YouTube channel. 

I feel so lucky that I get to share my story with so many people around the world. I hope that I’ll be doing this for a very long time. 

My RachSpeed blog banners through the years! (from 2010 to 2013)



This is an embarrassing story… I created a neopets account out of sheer boredom back in high school and used my first name and my middle name together. Rachel + Spencer = rachspe. It caught on and I started to use it as an online alias when signing up for accounts. When I created my blog, I was going to use the same name, until my mom suggested a “MUCH COOLER” alternative: Rach Speed. Simply, it’s a lot easier to spell/remember than rachspe, which just looks like a bunch of letters all jumbled up together. 


I am 24! 

What do you do in school? Where do you go to school?

I actually went to school at Queen’s University for sociology! I graduated in 2016. 

What camera do you use? SLR type?

I use both a Canon M100 and a Canon G7X. It’s what I use to shoot my videos and pictures. 

When I’m on the go, a lot of my photos are also taken on my iPhone. The quality is pretty decent and I always have it on me. I use it for a lot of my outfit posts and DIY projects (selfie stick optional). 

Do you have Instagram?

Yes! Under the same username, rachspeed.