How I Pack For a Week-Long Trip to the Beach!

How I pack for a trip to Florida!

Plan The Outfits You Want To Wear

My job is quite unconventional which means I’m going to be packing a little bit differently than most people. But just like anyone going on a trip, I don’t want to overpack. I actually write down all the outfits I’d think I’d need so I can visualize how much I need to pack. Then try to come up with the outfits I’ll wear for those situations. What I came up with was:

  • 2 Airport Outfits
  • 6 Day Looks
  • 6 Going Out Dinner Options
  • Some Workout Clothes and Shoes
  • Swimsuits

Make Space for Stuff You’ll Buy

I know once we’re there we’re going to want to go thrifting and shopping so I can’t pack too much. Just in case I want to bring more stuff home. Another way that I can make sure to pack lighter, is if there’s a washer and dryer at the location we stay. On this trip, we’re in luck!

What I Pack In

Bonus Tips

Take Pictures of The Outfits You Pack

When I try out different outfits I take pictures of them so I know which pieces I want to put together and if there are pieces in multiple outfits it helps reduce the number of clothes you need to bring!

Gather a Document of Hair Inspo

Another awesome thing I started to document is the hairstyles I like. Because if my hair is put together I feel more put together and confident so that’s another awesome tip you can try out!

Let’s plan our outfits!

First, check The Weather

Pull Everything That You Think Will Be An Option

We’re not packing everything, but it’s good to understand the style that you want and that’s easiest by…

Create a Mood Board for the Style that you Want

I’m going for an easy, colourful, and relaxed vibe! You can also pull inspo from outfits that you previously wore. I’m taking a look at the stuff I wore last time I was in warm weather.

Questions To Ask Yourself When Packing

  • Can I wear this more than one way?
  • Is it easy to maintain?
  • How devestated will I be if I lose this?

Just Make Some Outfits

Have fun with it! We’re going on a trip and clothes are way fun and flirty.

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Night Options

Workout Gear (Multi-Purpose)

Shirts and Tops



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