What’s Been Bringing Good Vibes?


I’ll admit it. This title is a bit precarious. How could I – a tweny-something-year-old blogger tell YOU how to live better, and surround yourself with ~good vibes~?? The answer is – I can’t. I can only tell you what’s been working for me and what steps I’ve taken in my own life. A little sharing never hurt anyone, right?

While Dylan has been on his month-long trip to Australia and Asia, I’ve been taking some time to start this “school” year off right. After a lot of reading, journaling and recovering from my wisdom teeth – there are so many new wellness-related things that I’ve been loving that I wanted to share! 


The past few months, I’ve started to educate myself on crsytal magic and healing. It has really helped me elevate my meditation practice, and also a great little reminder to ground myself and keep going. 

I’ve started to practice manifesting as well, and I found that a citrine and a rose quartz were a great place to start. I keep a few in my bag at all times – you never know when you’ll need an extra boost!

A website I found super helpful on learning about crystals: roguewoodsupply.com 


My friends would laugh at how much I say “Your vibe attracts your tribe”. But preach! As I get older, I find it even more important to nurture my friendships, as well as surround myself with people that are motivating and positive. I’m so lucky to have the friends I do! Especially ones in my industry. You know who you are! 


I started to get into crystals – and they have become a part of my unwinding ritual, as well as setting goals. Whether it be finding new mantras on my pinterest, or writing things I want to accomplish for the week – looking for new ways to stay motivated and positive has really kept me going. Been trying my best to write in my planner – it’s still a habit I need to get into, but it ALWAYS makes me feel a lot better once I jot everything down. 

Sorry for the short post – but wanted to share! 

Love Always,


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