This week, Dylan helped me redesign my blog! It’s been really fun revamping and finally creating a space where I can share all of the fun ideas I have that don’t make it to the channel. In less than two weeks my mom and I will be going to Paris for the first time! I’m already brainstorming the types of images I want to shoot, and the clothes I want to wear.

One of the main priorities when I travel is: 1. To pack light (attempt, at least) and 2. To be comfortable. I want to be able to pack in as many things I can into a day, and no-one wants to do that in shoes that give you blisters. I know that Paris culture (casual wear to them is still very tailored and dressed up) is really different than North American, so it’s going to be hard for me to find a balance between dressy and feeling ready to explore. Thanks to Sarah, I’ve been obsessed with the brown trend. Rich, chocolate browns and white linens are such a timeless look. Paired with sneaks – such a look!! @JosefineHJ and @MatildaDjerf’s outfits are really inspiring me for this trip. They both have such effortless yet put together style.

Who’s looks are you inspired by right now?

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