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Confession: I’m not sure if I can ever attain a small, lovely capsule wardrobe because of how much I like fashion. However, the more that I curate my closet, the more I realize how much I can do without. After divulging into the world of minimalism YouTube videos and reading “The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up” over a year ago, I was inspired to take a look at my clothes and really only keep items I love.

It’s been a process that I’ve tried to document on my channel and the blog, but I don’t think I ever really talked about it much. I want to keep writing about it, and I definitely want to expand on this soon! Creating a well-curated closet is definitely not an overnight project; it’s taken me over a year to truly get to where I’m at now. I’m happy to say as of April 2017, I finally have a wardrobe that truly brings me joy. Out with the clutter, and in with pieces that I love.

Over the past few months, I finally bit the bullet and bought some investment pieces that I can wear all season. They will definitely be a part of my “Most Worn” list, and I wanted to share them with you!

First, if you haven’t caught my most worn items video, definitely check it out!

Without further ado, let’s go!


Last post, I mentioned that I was looking to buy a good pair of jeans. I really thought that I was going to bite the bullet and purchase some Citizen of Humanity’s, but after trying them on at Aritzia I wasn’t too convinced. Although they looked nice, they just didn’t fit right.

But after some searching, I did find my perfect jeans! At half the cost. I ended up buying two pairs of Seven for All Mankind denim. It’s funny because the designer who helped create the line ended up also developing Citizens. For some reason, the Sevens felt a lot more comfortable and more flattering on me.

aaand I GOT A PURSE…

I am now a proud owner of my first luxury bag! It’s pretty exciting but I don’t think I’ll ever be the time of person that has an extensive collection of these. I would say this is definitely a late graduation gift to myself – my Gucci Marmont Bag! It’s lovely, the size is perfect and it matches everything. You’re probably sick of seeing it on instagram, but I can’t help myself. The only downside is that I’m really paranoid about keeping it nice and new. It’s a smooth leather so it’s more susceptible to scratches and dents, so I’ve been extra careful with it.


White Chuck Taylors have been a staple in my closet since high school, so when I saw these Jack Purcell Converse, I knew that I’d get a lot of use out of them. They are a bit more expensive online, but I managed to get them for less at Get Outside (on Queen) for $60. They also happen to be a fave of Selena Gomez, so I’m happy to be in good company. I recently did a styling video all around these, so definitely check that out if you haven’t already!

It’s getting a little easier for me to spend a bit more on staples that will be in my closet for a long time, rather than buying the same type of thing every year at TopShop or Zara (although those stores are my weakness). What are some of your wardrobe staples? I’d love to know!

Love Always,

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