Anxiety & Panic Update: 3 Months Later


Disclaimer: This blog post will be talking about my experience with panic and anxiety. This topic may be sensitive for some. Please take my advice/experience with a grain of salt and always consult your doctor first.
Hey everyone! It’s been almost three months since I had my first panic attack in January, and about a month since I first wrote about my panic/anxiety on this blog. It’s been quite the journey and I’m really grateful for all of your positive words & sharing your stories with me. I wanted to share this update on how I’ve been, and also follow up with what’s working for me.
It’s really important for me to have an open dialogue when it comes to mental health. When I first started researching panic disorders, I often became discouraged at the resources out there on the internet. I hope my journey can help you with yours, and that my blog can be something that can help you relax too.


If I’m going to be super honest here – I’m actually feeling very anxious as I write this. It’s been a tough month and it has also been challenging managing my panic. I often wake up feeling really anxious (more on that later), and sometimes my days feel foggy. It can get discouraging sometimes, but overall I’m positive about healing and even when it doesn’t feel like it, I know that I’m getting better each and every day.

If I had to sum it up, I mostly feel overwhelmed with life. And this leads to another scary symptom, which is depersonalization/derealization – I won’t get too technical, but it basically makes me feel like I’m in some weird reality, and not present at all. But I will say that my sleep has been a lot better! I’ve been sleeping on my own without fail, and getting a continuous sleep. You can check out my tips on what’s been working for me here! 

However, even though I have some low moments, I definitely am a lot better at getting back to a neutral state. I’m more assertive and able to enjoy my time more than before, and try not focus so much on the negative. Overall, I’m still very focused on my mental wellness and I have not lost sight of that. I know that setbacks are bound to happen from time to time, but it doesn’t mean I’m failing.



Anxiety is a normal human emotion, and it is my cue to relax.


  • Journaling: I forgot to mention this, but it helps a ton. I’ve been jotting down my feelings daily, and it’s a nice way to record my progress. It’s easy to get caught up and feel discouraged, but when you have actual entries, it’s nice to see how far you’ve actually come.
  • The Apps: I still use Calm and Pacifica daily, but I’m not as rigid about my routine. They are really great, and I highly recommend them to everyone, even if you don’t have anxiety and panic! The sleep stories on Calm still work like a dream, and even though I don’t record my thoughts daily, Pacifica has been great for easing my way into CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy).
  • Meditation/Mindfulness: I started out really feeling the benefits of meditation at first, but lately I’ve been really unmotivated to do it. I’m not too sure why, but I always feel better when I do. It’s kind of like exercise, dreading to begin at first, but I never, ever regret it.
  • Supplements: This is probably the thing that I’ve been the least consistent with when it comes to my anxiety. I don’t take my magnesium as much as I could, but it’s there when I need it.



I’m trying my best to be open minded to other ways I can tame this beast! I know the next two steps I should work into my life are exercise and therapy. I’m not opposed to either one, but for some reason they have been the most challenging things to get into. My plan is to set some goals & create an action plan for the month, and I’m hoping to see some benefits soon!
How do you stay calm? I’d love to hear your suggestions!
Love Always,

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