Capsule Wardrobe Basics that are Worth the Investment | The Lazy Fashion Girl’s Guide to Saving

Even though it may not feel like it currently in Toronto, Spring is (apparently) on it’s way! I’ve been really into spring cleaning and decluttering lately, and trying to get into better organizational and cleaning habits. As a result, having a capsule wardrobe is starting to really appeal to me. I find myself wearing the same outfits all the time, and consistently going to certain pieces. I think the idea of having go-to outfits and just dressing it up with accessories sounds a lot more effortless, plus also just the idea of know what’s in my closet at all times. 

I think this may save me a lot of trouble when it comes to shopping. I tend to gravitate towards the same things all the time, but if I really curate a wardrobe that I know and love, I can stop myself from buying things that might as well be duplicates (ie. My gray turtleneck collection is enormous). 
Over the years, I’ve downsized a lot, and have managed to fit everything in a six-drawer dresser and a small closet (summer and winter items)! But it can’t hurt to get rid of more, which is why I just opened up my instagram sale!  This probably sounds over-the-top, but I’m always striving to have a well-curated selection of clothes, and a wardrobe of ONLY well worn, quality things I love. Way easier said than done.  You can see what my closet looks like in my most recent wardrobe tour:

I would love to get my items down to about half of what I own. But like I said before, this is REALLY daunting. Much like my “How I Style” videos, I’m considering planning outfits for seasons and seeing if that works for me. That way, I know exactly what I have, and exactly what I need to attain these looks.
This leads me to my next topic: basics. Although I have a lot of fun pieces in my wardrobe, my basics are needing some desperate TLC. I pretty much wear the same pair of jeans all the time and they’re starting to look a little tired. So since I’m looking online already, I thought I would share a few of the items that I’m considering! Here’s my prospective shopping list (and a few fave basic pieces that I already have in my closet):


1.     Jeans, Citizens of Humanity “Rocket”
WHY: It makes me a little nauseous thinking about spending this much cash on a pair of denim, but I know that it’s well worth it. I’ve been wearing the same pair of Gap jeans for over a year, and they’re looking a little tired. I know I pretty much only need one pair of blue denim, so I want to invest in a good pair. I’ve been eyeing these for a long time, and I’m ready to take it to the next level! A stop at my closest Aritzia is definitely in my a near future. 
2.     Belt – Gucci
WHY: Some people may not think this is worth the purchase, but after wearing my mother’s Gucci belt for years, I know that I definitely want my own! It really brings any outfit to life, and adds the finishing touch to make you look more put together. Gucci makes great belts, and I think they are timeless pieces that will always be a staple in my wardrobe, no matter how much my style may change. 

3.      A White Sneaker – Adidas’ Stan Smiths
WHY: I already have these, and they go with everything! The possibilities are endless. I love the way they look with cut-off shorts, but also a more body-con dress. They add a casual-cool vibe to any look, and even though they are super popular right now, I think they’re a classic that’s here to stay.

4.     Leggings, Alo Yoga
WHY: SO. DAMN. COMFY. That is all – Just kidding. But for real, I’m a sucker for a good pair of leggings. I think that these ones from Alo are great for everyday. I have them myself and they look great with just a plain crewneck and a leather jacket. It’s the perfect compromise when you want to look put together on your lazy days. 
5.     Plain White Tee – Aritzia
WHY: Confession: I actually have no white tees at the moment. They are great pieces that you can get a ton of wear out of. This long sleeve one from Aritzia has caught my eye in particular because of the waffle texture. Just from my own experience, I find that waffled cotton holds up a lot better than smooth textures, and just gets better with washing. 

WHY: I live in these. There’s nothing like a plain men’s crewneck, and I think that the Gildan brand is great – they are really affordable, but they also wear really well. They add a casual touch to any look, and are also a great layering piece. 

7.     Leather Jacket – All Saints 
WHY: Both my mother and sister have All Saints leather jackets, and I personally like the look a lot better than the Mackage ones. They are really great quality, plus are really flattering. I have yet to grab my own (thanks to the hefty price tag), but it’s definitely on my long term shopping list. I’m looking at ones without tons of adornment so that it stays classic and I won’t get tired of it. 

8.  Nude Pump – Manolo Blahnik
WHY: Thanks to my mom, I have my own pair of Manolos! I’m super lucky to have these, and they are probably one of the most comfortable pairs heels I’ve ever worn. The nude is super flattering and elongating, and I think they can be matched with both dressy and semi-casual outfits. I think investing in a good pair of heels is well worth it; especially one as basic as a simple nude.

9.     Black Turtleneck – Club Monaco
WHY: I own a couple of these from Club Monaco, and they always look good. Skirts, jeans, leather pants – you name it! They are really flattering, and photograph well too. 

10. Black Ankle Bootie, Saint Laurent

       WHY: These caught my eye last year thanks to Kendall Jenner & Harry Styles, but then my friend actually purchased this exact pair and it solidified my need for them. They are really gorgeous in person, and the pointed toe is perfect for that model-off-duty look. I love wearing black booties all season, so I know I could get a ton of wear out of them. I probably won’t get them just yet, but I’m considering saving up for them just in time for next fall. 

Although the exact place I get some of these items are subject to change, I’m really excited to curate a simple wardrobe that I love. Quality of quantity is the new mantra for the closet, and with a little bit of saving – I know I’ll get there. If you have any tips on how you’re building your own capsule wardrobe, I’d love to hear them! 

Love Always, 


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