So, working from home has it’s perks. It means that I can lounge around in my pajamas all day (as seen in Vlogmas #1), and get stuff done on my own time. However – being totally honest here – it can be tough to stay motivated.

Since my undergrad, I always found that my most productive days were when I left my house. Whether I was sitting in my school’s library or at a coffee shop, the hustle-and-bustle around me always made me feel more in the mood to actually study, work or finish the tasks I’ve been holding off forever.

MAHI Leather was generous enough to gift me this gorgeous leather backpack. It came at the perfect time, because I was looking for an every day backpack that I can take with me while I work. I love the personalization on the bottom corner, and also the simple style. It would make a great gift for anyone and a portion of your purchase goes towards clean water projects – which I love.

Kitten for scale – haha! 

You can use the code RACH10 at checkout for 10% off your purchase! Order by Dec 19 to get yours in time for Christmas.

Want to see what I carry in my backpack? Watch my latest video:

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