SHOP SPENNY REWORKED VINTAGE PIECES ARE UP! (Tommy Hilfiger, Champion, Polo Ralph Lauren)

Hi everyone!

I’m so excited to talk about this part of my little brainchild, SHOP SPENNY! If you’ve been with me since it’s humble beginnings in my last year of university, you would know that I have a penchant for vintage clothing, especially when it comes to casual and comfy wear.

That being said, I am finally launching a “reworked” vintage section on my shop! This is where you will be able to find vintage pieces that I have changed and modified to suit your everyday wardrobe. I am totally obsessed with vintage Tommy Hilfiger, Champion, Polo Ralph Lauren, Fila and Guess… so expect tons of that!

I’ll be doing weekly vintage drops on SHOP SPENNY, and each piece will be unique – so once it’s sold out it’ll be sold out forever. I sewed a bunch of them earlier this week and I have to say, it’s some of my best work as a seamstress (haha), each piece is double hemmed to ensure quality.

My latest finds/reworks are currently live! Shop now and use my code “VINTAGEONLY” at checkout for 10 percent off all reworked vintage (excluding flannels)!

Love Always, 

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