Unseen Costa Rica Pics!

Hey everyone!

If you’ve been following me since this summer, you would probably know that I have been reminiscing about mine & Dylan’s trip to Costa Rica that we took in late July. It was really fun and making me already think about where we are going to go next. Today while looking back at my photos and videos, I realized that I never shared them with you guys! I know it’s been quite a few months but I figured they were worth sharing. The cream of the crop are on my instagram so definitely scroll down a bit on my profile and you can see the ones I have shared already (I’ve included a few of them in this post too!).

I added some captions for context. Enjoy!

Dylan made a travel binder! One thing I love about him is that he is so creative aaaand organized (something I’m still working on). This had all of our important documents, air bnb information, hostel info as well as itineraries. Super thoughtful!!

At our first stop, La Fortuna. 

La Fortuna Waterfall! I kept calling it Catarata waterfall, unknowing that catarata actually MEANS waterfall in spanish. Definitely a dumb moment

We rented an ATV in Santa Teresa! I actually drove it too much to my hesitation of getting behind the wheel. Woo! 

First time at the beach in Santa Teresa

At a cute cafe after a fun ATV ride

The waves were aggressive! Doesn’t look it here but they were really strong. I fell SO many times just being knee-deep in the water. Nevertheless fun! 

The balcony of the first AirBNB we stayed in while in Santa Teresa. Definitely our fave place we stayed. The balcony/deck was GORGEOUS. A butterfly flew onto Dylan midway during this pic haha 

The best for last. Dylan captured this very candid and becoming moment of me. I tend to get very grumpy when I’m too hot and it was SOO hot out that day. LOL

Hope you guys liked this! Will definitely do more of this in the future! 
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