I toned my hair at home! (Brassy Yellow to Ashy Blonde/Bronde)

Hey everyone! Thought I’d write a quick blog post because I toned my hair today! It was my first time doing it by myself at home. The last time I did my hair was actually after my Costa Rica trip, so since August. It was first a super icy grey colour (Shown below!)

My colourist is always booked 3 months in advance is it’s tough to find a time that works for both of us. My hair was getting SUPER brassy and was definitely overdue for some TLC. I felt pretty comfortable with toning my hair because I knew that the worst it could come out was grey, which I definitely wasn’t opposed to. Soon after,  I looked up a few videos of girls doing it themselves. Conveniently, I already had the Wella toner and the developer because my sister bought it a while back!

Before/After = a big difference! 
My supplies! (LOL paintbrush definitely not recommended)

I used Wella Colour Charm T18 (light ash blonde) – which is the go-to colour that I saw most of the tutorials using. I didn’t have a hair dye application brush so I opted for using a paint brush that I had… (obviously something I do not recommend. I followed the instructions and left it on for about 15 minutes!

Once I washed out the toner, I was left with a much cooler brown tone (as seen in the title pic). I like that it’s on the warmer side, and I’m thinking maybe next time I’ll go even cooler. I have a warmer skin tone so I figured it suited a warmer-toned hair. It’s a lot blonder in person but the toner did make my hair go slightly darker.

More before/after! Much more honey-caramel-toned now than yellow & brassy

For those who are curious about my full hair colouring experience/going blonde/hair care, I’ll also insert the video that I filmed all about it a few months back!

This video is from one session before my last one (ash blonde/grey) with my colourist (in May). I would say my hair now though is much more similar to the colour it is in this video! 
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