The Lazy Fashion Girl’s Guide to Saving! | Chapter 1: Attitude is everything

HEY GIRL! So you want to start saving money? Well, so do I. This is a topic that I’m still searching for answers to. Being a raised-by-a-single-mom twenty-something –year-old with a considerable amount student debt, it’s easy to feel that little green monster when it comes to things you don’t have (YET!!).
Before I dive in, let me put my guide into proper context. I want to start off by saying how grateful I am to have a roof over my head, food in the fridge and a wonderful family that loves me. This is not by all means supposed to be the type of situation where I constantly nag on about not having the latest “it” bag or why I couldn’t jetset to Cayo Coco in 2012 on reading week. This is about my ever-constant struggle to save money, and tips how to NOT get major FOMO when your insta-feed is blowing up with pics of your friends embarking on their latest journeys, or splurges during YEEZY season.
But hey, we all have to start somewhere right?! I used to be the type that would totally shy away from unnerving subjects like this, but I have gained a pretty keen interest in how to grow my bank as of lately. DON’T WORRY, I won’t be crunching numbers, but instead will be sharing my weekly advice on what I’m doing to make sure I can fund my fashion cravings and next big-girl steps.
So without further ado, I present to you… the lazy fashion girl’s guide to saving money!

And it all starts with a bit of an attitude adjustment. It’s easier than it looks.  

Guys, I’m going to let you in on a secret: wealth is a mirage! It’s something that I learned from the several finance books and podcasts that I indulged in while on this quest. The shiny new loubs, balayage highlights and lavish trips may fool you, but this is really what’s up: you never know how deep in the red someone is unless they give you total access to their bank account (not likely). Bottom line: you really don’t know what people are going through, and you can’t automatically assume that others are rolling in dough just because they have YSL tribute heels and you don’t. So don’t be too hard on yourself! Proceed Instagram with caution.               

Look at the #’s
If anything is a trend, it’s this. Denial seems to be a big part of debt. So while we’re still young and resilient, we have to get used to looking at our bank accounts AND our credit card statements. Sure, you’ll wince the first few times, but I promise every time gets a bit easier. Get into the habit of knowing how much you’re spending, even if it’s too much. This will make things much smoother once you’re ready to tackle your bank account, and not feel overwhelmed by the mere sight of it. No more second guessing, go on and log in to your e-banking!! Immerse yourself in all things transactional!! You can do it!
Less Anxiety
This isn’t really a tip, but more of a result. Once you have a larger grasp on your cash, I promise you that pit in your stomach WILL go away. The more you’re on top of managing your accounts, the less anxiety you’ll feel. Trust me. It’s probably the best benefit of this entire $$$ situation!
Stay Mindful
Be present in your life, and enjoy the little things! I know this sounds super corny, but when you express gratitude for all the wonderfulness in your life, suddenly the material items don’t seem so coveted.
Us fashion girls ALWAYS have a wish list in our heads, and that’s what makes it so difficult to say NO when we find the perfect piece. A style anecdote that I swear by however, is to invest on classics (MORE on this later…), but in order to attain a really great purse or timeless pump, it’s going to cost some serious dough. So be patient and organize your game plan! You’ll be thankful you did, and didn’t impulsively buy that neon top at Zara instead. Timeless, quality pieces will be expensive, and require saving… so be patient! It’s not a race.

I hope you enjoyed my first-ever installment of this mini guide! Expect tons more in my next chapter of the Lazy Girl’s Guide to Saving Money! Have any q’s? Shoot me a message on Instagram or Snapchat!

Love Always, Rachel

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