College Staples (feat. American Apparel)!

Hi everyone! I’m back with another post thanks to American Apparel. Second semester has gone full steam ahead, American Apparel asked me to stop by to choose some of my fave staples for going to class in. 


I tried on a pair of riding pants for the first time, and they are super comfortable and also hit you right at the smallest part of your waist, making your waist look super itty-bitty (was feeling a bit like Iggy, not gonna lie). The first pair that I chose was in a burgundy red colour, and i paired it with a striped t-shirt from the men’s section. 


I love a good varsity jacket, and I paired it with another staple, riding pants! I also love a good “all black everything” outfit. This varsity jacket is great for layering and matches pants and skirts. 
American Apparel is having a sale this week on January 23rd at all campus locations! 20% off your entire purchase! Stop by to get your college outfit essentials! 

Love Always, Rachel 

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