My New Mid-Length Haircut (The Perfect Lazy Girl Hairstyle)!

Hi everyone! I posted my new haircut on Instagram already, but I thought I’d go a little more in depth about it for those who want to know more! I’m generally a pretty indecisive person, and I thought I would never go shorter (like I did circa 2011), but I’ve recently became obsessed with this midi-length hair. Usually it would be difficult for me to part with my long hair, but after all that it has gone through, it was time for a change. I previously bleached my hair and had very, very light brown hair throughout the summer. Although I liked the look, it was hard to maintain and I couldn’t stand my roots. I’m a pretty low maintenance kinda gal when it comes to hair and beauty; I like to keep it simple. The upkeep of lighter hair just was not for me. 
My hair when it was super light! (September 2014)
A couple of months ago, I dyed my hair back to black using a box dye, but it has faded significantly and actually toned out my hair a lot. Currently, it’s a medium brown that I’m quite happy with. Before I cut it, I also had some blonde throughout my hair and towards my ends. 

Inspirations! (via Pinterest)
I posted a collage of a few hair inspiration photos I took to the hairdresser. I wanted long layers and more movement in my hair. When it was longer, it was super heavy and really dry towards the ends because of all the bleaching. I wanted a style that was easy to maintain, and cut off my dry ends. 
I went to James Brett Coiffure (downtown Kingston) on Princess Street! I went to Brandy, and she was great, I think she nailed it! My hair feels so much lighter, and I have a feeling this is going to be the perfect lazy girl hairstyle. 
Once I figure out my new haircare routine, I’ll definitely make a video! 
Love Always, Rachel 
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