The Cutest iPhone & Desktop Backgrounds! (Design Love Fest’s “dress your tech” !)

Hi everyone! I figured I might as well share this because I’m actually in love with every single background download this blogger has made. I was on Pinterest trying to find a cute background for my desktop, and I stumbled upon DesignLoveFest. Her stuff is SO cute and she has tons of free downloads on her site, especially under the section “Dress Your Tech!”. Her site is my go-to  to snazz up all my devices, and I wanted to spread the love. has both iPhone and Desktop backgrounds, she posts quite regularly so I’m always checking back and saving them.  I even think a few would look amazing as prints, if you go to staples and print them on nice paper and frame them, they’d be a great addition to a gallery wall. 
I’ve been changing my desktop screen on the reg because I really can’t make up my mind. Currently, my desktop background is the pretty flower one that says “stay wild”. Love! 
A FEW OF MY FAVES … (check out DesignLoveFest to download full sizes) 

Love Always, Rachel

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