Outfit of the Day: Plaid Dress & Knit Jumper

 Hi everyone! I’m coming at y’all with another outfit of the day! I will definitely have more variety in my posts soon, I’m just trying to figure out my new video line up and some DIY’s! 
After reading this Buzzfeed list about my old fave, Gossip Girl, it made me inspired to create a throwback Gossip Girl inspired (by season 1= the best) outfit!
I put an old plaid dress I’ve had since high school with a black knit sweater on top. It gave a preppy look without looking overly costume-school-girl like or stuffy. I debated also wearing thigh high black socks, but decided not to because the weather was nice and I felt that it would be too “school girl” with the plaid. To make the look feel more fall-time, I did add a pair of taller black ankle boots. To finish the look, I finally brought out my beloved black floppy hat and quirky round sunglasses. 
Hat- H&M
Sweater – H&M
Plaid Dress – Forever 21
Boots – Aldo
Sunglasses – Forever 21 
After writing the details for this outfit post, I realized that my outfit was super affordable, and brought together without super expensive pieces. I love going to places like H&M and Forever 21 for trendier items for the season. 
Love Always,

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