Reunited and it Feels so Good! My domain has returned!

Hi everyone! I’m super thrilled to tell you all after a long awaited non-eventful battle, I finally have my domain back and running. I’m really happy that I no longer have the “blogspot” at the end of my blog address, and I’m finally feeling professional again. Back in 2012/2013 was the last time I had, and now it’s returned! I lost along the way… and had to find a way to get it back. But I did! YAY! The best option for me was to wait a year before I could get my domain for a reasonable price, and I’m glad a waited and didn’t settle for another address ( just wasn’t going to cut it).

Anyways, feel free to browse my blog at it’s OG address, I’m so glad to have my blog back and running. Now that I’m past some poor blogger/vlogger choices, I feel like I have a fresh start.

Love Always, 


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