My Fave Spring Trends: Overalls, Floppy Hats, Florals & More!

Hey everyone! Spring has sprung, which means a number of things for me:
1) I am done exams and back in Toronto!! (YAY)
2) I can finally start to read for leisure again and ditch the textbooks 
3) I can finally break out some of my spring pieces!! (Goodbye Canada Goose, it’s been real)
This post will be about the third AWESOME aspect of spring, which is spring trends. I love this time of year because I finally feel like I can wear a bit of colour, versus my strict black and grey winter wardrobe. Here are some of my favourite trends for this season: 
1. Floppy Hats: I wore these hats all summer long last year, and they are definitely a staple in my spring wardrobe. They’re great for a bad hair day, or just to make a look more complete. I love this black felt one from H&M – it takes me through spring to fall. I paired it with an army green jacket and a pair of shorts to give it a more spring time feel. 
2. Overalls: Dare I say it… I love these! This trend is definitely growing on me since I tried these on. This pair from Hollister are perfect when matched with a crop top. A long sleeve crop top is a great option for those who don’t want to show too much skin, and it makes the overall look more layered. I paired it also with ankle boots and a fedora-style hat to give it an edgier look. 
3. Graphic Crop Tops: This “GET LOST” crop top is super fun, and can be worn in either spring or summer. It adds a punch to what would otherwise be a neural outfit. 
4. Stripes & Knits: I love to layer, and spring is the season to do it. I paired a striped crop top with an open knit sweater for some coverage. Pairing light colours together makes layering more springtime, and gives you options when the weather gets warmer. 
5. Florals & Leather: This dress has a small print, which adds some colour without being too overwhelming. I thought when paired with a chunky boot such as these bold black Doc Martens, it gives the dress a more punky feel. To add layers, I also paired the outfit with a vest. I love that florals don’t necessarily have to be overly feminine, I love the grungy vibe they can have as well. 
For all the looks, check out my video below!
Love Always, Rachel

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