New Room Decor! Small Changes…

Hey everyone! I’m excited to be back and settled into my student home. I felt like it needed a breath of fresh air so I’m slowly trying to add in a few accessories to give it a more updated feel. Here are a few change-arounds that I did to my room that quickly spruce up my room!

1. LOVE PILLOWS: I got these at Urban Outfitters yesterday, but I’ve been eyeing them for quite some time. I was nervous when I saw them because I was afraid that they wouldn’t match the softness of my room. I’m really pleased with the way they turned out! They make my room a lot more funky, and more the look that I’m really into right now. 
2. FURRY PILLOW: I’ve been looking for a furry pillow for a long time and found this one at Homesense and am delightfully pleased!! Ideally I would like to have a pretty throw pillow and a throw on this to make it a complete little corner, but for nowI’m happy with just the pillow. Fur adds an awesome new texture, so that the area feels more updated without added another colour to the mix.
3. WOVEN BASKETS: I had these plastic baskets on the shelf at the foot of my bed but they didn’t hold much. My boyfriend actually packaged my christmas gifts in these baskets and I thought they would look nice in my room (and also add some black detail to mesh with the frames above my bed and the new pillowcases) They fit alot more and I store school supplies as well as books in them! 
4. VOLUSPA MOKARA CANDLE: My friend Jocelynn (Dylan’s sister) got me this for Christmas and it’s my FAVE candle EVER. I actually included it in one of my gift guides! The smell is amazing and the jar is actually gorgeous so I love to put it on display. 
Anyway, those are the subtle changes that I made thus far! Hope you guys enjoyed!
Love Always, Rachel 

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