My Life: Montreal Trip!

Hi everyone! I just came back from Montreal with the boyfy and had a ton of fun while I was there. It was nice to escape my college town for a little while. It’s not too far and we arrived on wednesday night, and just got back today. I have not been to Montreal since I was a freshman, and my oh my has the shopping changed! Was incredibly impressed with the enormous stores, a lot of them had multiple levels which was awesome and it felt very American-like. I ended up picking up a few things while I was there (keep posted for my haul!). 
The main reason why we ventured to Montreal so randomly mid-week is because I actually bought Dylan tickets for J.Cole (one of his fave artists)! It was an amazing show and the venue (Metropolis) was intimate, which is nice because when I’m back in Toronto the venues are ginormous and kind of overwhelming. The set list was also great, and he definitely performed everything that I wanted to hear. We stayed in the heart of downtown Montreal which was great because we could actually walk everywhere, even in this freezing weather (in Montreal it was minus 27! Can you believe it?!). 
T-Shirt – H&M 
Leggings – Aritzia
Hat –
Boots – Forever 21 
I wish I took more photos of my outfits, but honestly it was so cold I didn’t think to take out my camera.  I layered and paired hoodies with tight pants, which I personally find quite warm. It wasn’t too snowy so I was able to wear regular shoes. Above is an outfit that I wore on one of the days. The A$AP Rocky shirt was such a lucky find in the H&M men’s section. Dylan loved it too so he also got one for himself (hahahaha). 


Shirt – Aritzia
Skort – Aritzia
Shoes – Aldo
This is actually the only photo that I took of my outfit for the concert. It wasn’t supposed to be for the blog, I actually asked Dylan to take it because there was no full length mirror in our room. I know I’m late on the bandwagon, but I’m loving this skort! It’s a perfect piece to bring from day to night.
Anyways, super tired from a long day. See you guys soon! 
Love Always, Rachel 

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