In the midst of finals, I discovered a new hobby (which I probably should’ve have started considering I still have 3 exams left) – 8 tracks playlists!
I’ve been listening to 8tracks for quite some time, but I never tried to create my own playlists. I was taking a break from studying one day and got going at it! 


This is the second playlist that I made, and it’s full of fun, upbeat (but not dancy/techno) tunes that you can listen to while you study. I tried to incorperate new music & some of my favourite throwback hits (hellooooo Bryan Adams). It’s good for studying or working out, without have a pounding bass in your ear so you’ll be able to still catch up on your readings. 
FOR SLEEPYTIME, MELLOW NIGHTS (OR mending a broken heart)
I compiled some of my favourite covers! They are pretty mellow, slow and mostly acoustic. Good for background music while you’re drinking tea and snuggling up to a good book. 
I’ve been less and less motivated to study these days, but I feel that having a GOOD playlist is key when you NEED to get things done. Happy studying!
Love Always, Rachel 

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