Outfit of the Day: The “Warm Winter Uniform”

Hi everyone! Here is my outfit of the day. Today was a pretty relaxed day, just attempting to find somewhere calm to study and go on with my day.  Since I’ve barely been home, I’ve found myself creating this go-to outfit: the perfect mix of “comfortable” and “put-together”. 

Boots: Aldo
Jeggings: H&M
Jacket: H&M
Sweater (inside): Zara
Scarf: Aldo
I’m so thankful that it’s not slushy outside so I was able to wear my new favourite boot – a black ankle boot with a chunky short heel. It adds the perfect amount of height without being too dressy or uncomfortable. They are also really easy to walk in. The jacket is a biker/leather jacket fit, but it’s actually a wool material, so it’s great for warmer winter days when layered with long sleeve shirts under. I’m a little bit hesitant to wear colour in the wintertime, but I added this burgundy scarf which is the perfect punch of colour for those who are neutral lovers. 
I feel like I’m turning into an old woman with my love of elastic pants. These jeggings from H&M are SO comfy and still look like a dark, authentic jean. They have an elastic waist, so you put them on like leggings, but since I wear longer tops no one is able to actually see my grandma-elastic waistband. They are also great to tuck into boots! 
This outfit is such an easy way to look polished but still be comfy for library days. I tend to change a lot throughout the day, but with an outfit so versatile, I find my laundry bin getting full much more slowly (haha). 

Love always, Rachel 

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