My Designer Diary (Vogue Charity Fashion Show)!

(photo stills via Vogue Charity Fashion Show)
Vogue Charity Fashion Show stopped by my house Saturday Afternoon to film me talking about my upcoming line for the show! I am super excited with how it turned out, and it’s making me want to start sewing my line ASAP. I also talked about my style icons, where I draw inspiration and rachspeed!
I am SO thrilled to blog about my experience with Vogue Charitiy Fashion Show, where I am returning as an independent designer! Last year my collection was romantic, a mix of leather and dip-dyed chiffon. I wanted to make my collection completely different this year! 
The show is divided into six sections (all relating to the grand theme of “Art Deco”), and I’m designing the great depression scene of the show. My whole vision for it is a mix of utilitarian and hip hop street wear – I know, super abstract, but I hope it’ll come together the way I imagine it! I’m thinking a lot of leather, newsboy caps and daring side slits and cut outs. Here is my inspiration board for my upcoming line:
inspiration for my Vogue Charity Fashion Show collection
My main materials for this year’s line! 
One main goal for this year’s collection (which’ll hopefully be an improvement from last year), is to not design anything that will be too overly complicated. I want to create wearable, more casual designs than last year! The choreographer and models of my scene are also amazing and I can’t wait for it all to come together! 
My sketches in their first stages
I will definitely follow up with the entire process!!  The show is in March so it’ll soon be sewing mayhem in Rachspeed headquarters! 
Love Always, Rachel 

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