How I Edit My Instagram Pictures

Ever since I got instagram, I have to admit: I am an addict. My iPhone goes with me everywhere and I find myself instagramming and snapping photos throughout the day all the time. People always ask me how I edit my pictures! I also use a lot of my insta pics for my blog as well, so I thought this would be helpful to share; These are the photo apps I swear by!
1. Instacollage free – A simple collage maker. This is the app that I use to make all my collages! Another neat option that you can do is actually select two of the same photo, and flip one, then you have an awesome mirror effect! 
2. A Beautiful Mess – This app is AMAZING. One of the girls at my internship showed it to me this summer, and once I downloaded it, it was most definitely worth it. The filters are great (and not too obnoxious) and the font/texts are really nice. It was created by two bloggers and definitely has an interface that is really easy to use. I probably use this every single time I edit photos. 
3. PicFX – Picfx is an old fave of mine, and I downloaded it when I first got my iPhone. This app has additional filters and overlay options, such as bokeh (the shiny circle/heart lights). They recently updated their interface and it’s much more modern now. 
I purchased A Beautiful Mess and PicFX for about a dollar each from what I remember. They are completely worth it! I hope this helps for the insta-newbies, or just those who want to try a new photo app! 
Love Always, Rachel

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