Holiday Gift Guide: 100$ & Under!

Hi everyone! Welcome to my final instalment in the budget gift guide series! Last but certainly not least (especially when it comes to prices!) is my 100 dollars and under gift guide! 100 dollars is quite a hefty budget and there are many great things that you can buy for your loved one. I would suggest to buy something luxurious, but also something they are able to wear time and time again, such as a practical sweater, not a formal dress! This way they’ll make the most out of it and have many chances to use or wear the item! Another tip that is pretty straight forward is to make sure to get a gift receipt! If the item doesn’t fit right or the person just would like another colour, it’s best to have a gift receipt for more expensive items such as these. Without further ado, let’s get right to it! 
  1. Talula Lenox Sweater $75, Aritzia: This sweater is knit with angora and cashmere, so it’s uber soft but still so reasonably priced for luxury! The oatmeal colour is a great pick because it’s a neutral that they can wear with anything, and it can be a piece they can wear all year round. Cardigans are always useful and can be paired and layered with anything; they’re timeless pieces and never go out of style. 
  2. Coquette Scarf $85, Aritzia: Blanket scarves are really popular right now and sell out quite fast in certain styles. And there is a reason why: they’re fab! These make great layering pieces that will keep one super warm all winter long. They’re also really stylish and can be worn with a variety of pieces.
  3. Phone & Wallet Wristlet $89.95, Michael Kors: These cute wallets are super functional: they are able to fit your iPhone as well as all the typical items in your wallet! The wrist strap is also great for carrying it alone on nights out. This gift is perfect for those who are the life of the party: they’ll be able to carry all their important items in one small pouch. 
  4. Fujifilm Mini Instant Film Camera $100, Urban Outfitters: Instant film/polaroid cameras make amazing gifts for anyone! My sister has one and she loves it and uses it all the time. It makes a super fun gift that also gives: instant memories! They also come in a variety of colours, so you can choose depending on the person’s style. They’re also quite small and can fit into a medium sized purse, and aren’t bulky at all.
  5. Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette $62, Sephora: The Urban Decay Naked Palettes are  beauty cult classics, and are great gifts! Your friend doesn’t even have to love makeup to find it amazing, it comes with a bunch of neutral coloured eyeshadows that several skin tones can use. The newest one if the third edition, which has a rosy tone to it. The palette is great and high quality, and even comes with a brush to apply the eyeshadows. I still have the first edition and it works wonders for me. 
  6. Betsey Johnson Skull Motif Watch $75, The Bay: This watch is super cool, and at a great price! Most designer watches will run you up a couple hundred collars, but this one and it’s cool design is awesome option for those one a budget. I love the gold detailing and the design, which looks punky but still girly at the same time! 
  7. Mini Office City Bag $60, Zara: This bag reminds me a lot of one of my favourite purses, the Michael Kors Selma bag, except it’s way more affordable and … mini! This bag is a really great size for those who are on the go; it is big enough to carry just your necessities for the day! The rigid classic structure is perfect for day or nighttime and casual or fancy. Zara’s bags are also really high quality, so you’ll be sure getting a bang for your buck. 

& that wraps up (haha see what I did there) my budget friendly Holiday Gift Guide Series!
Love Always, Rachel 

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