Happy December y’all! 
December is my fave month for many reasons. I absolutely love the holidays, the down time that I get, and the hustle and bustle of working seasonal retail (I think I’m the only one). I can’t wait for the exam period to be over so I can start enjoying the holidays. 
Last night I went to the MUSE (issue lucky number 7!) Launch party! It was really fun to get involved with MUSE this year and be on the executive team. My job as Online video news editor pretty much put me in charge of creating all the online video content! You can check some of my videos out HERE. 
MUSE magazine has really grown over the years, and it’s definitely the best destination to find all things creative (music, fashion, art.. you name it!) Check it out HERE! The online content is always amazing and a good read.  

The launch was really fun and was held at the Kingston Glass Gallery, which is a really fun and different venue than any other events I’ve been to at Queen’s. The food was AMAZING (and all homemade, can you believe it?!) and I couldn’t help but sneak seconds instantly. For those of you who are asking, I’m wearing the “Yasmin Dress” from Aritzia! 


& for those of you who are interested, here is one of the behind the scenes videos of the editorials from the issue! 
Love Always, Rachel 

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