Confession: I’m easily bothered

I tend to become “uncomfy” a lot more than the average person. Here is a small list of what “gets” to me (but is not limited to):

-Walking in the rain is a definite no-no

-Pants that are way too tight/stretched out (let’s just say I’ve bought endless amounts of leggings mid-day to solve the problem)

-Any temperature that is not room temperature makes me squirm (cold weather is my biggest deterrent of not going out in the wintertime.

-Social situations where I don’t know anybody and have to make friends (I guess I’m shy? Introverted?)

– I often change clothes/outfits as often as my mood changes…which is several times a day.
This is only a small sample of the endless list of habits and things that make me “uncomfortable”.
Bare in mind that I am using “uncomfortable” in quotations: I know all these situations are trivial at best, and they are not deal breakers of my day. I just get squeamish sometimes at off-the-wall things.
The solutions that I come up with to solve them (example: forever 21 leggings are a godsend) are only quick fixes that ease my temporary-uncomfiness for the slightest moment.  I often feel (at the time) that purchasing these “solutions” are justified because of this. In an instant, I’m sure that another mid-day crisis (a lovely term my best friends and I coined in the eighth grade) will appear.
WHY DO THINGS BUG ME SO MUCH?! Why do I become so EASILY uncomfortable?
One thing that I realized today, drudging in the slush/snow/rain on way to a meeting is that I need to be a little “tougher” – and I did not take the cab to skip out on the (horrible) weather. I need to squirm less. AND I need to stop buying things that are UNECESSARY. I would be saving a ton of money if I decided not to buy the $6.80 leggings at f21 just because I’m wearing pants that I wore twice in a row.

I understand that I sound absolutely ridiculous, but becoming easily “uncomfy” is most definitely one of those traits that I need to work on, especially because I feel that I’m missing out on so much because I refuse to walk a couple blocks in the rain. Early New Years Resolution anyone?

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