How I Style Flower Crowns!

Hey guys! If you are an avid RachSpeed reader, you would know that I LOVE flower crowns and have been sporting them in blog posts and instagram photos all year. Alot of people were asking me where I got my beloved floral headpieces, and I actually made them myself with the help of a handy glue gun and some floral wire. My sister actually made a DIY video on this that you can check out at her youtube channel, sydtayzer. (The vid is below!)

Anyways, I styled three looks that I wore with a classic floral crown made of daisies, which was also a DIY piece… Here it goes!

Dress: TNA, Bag: Urban Outfitters, Sandals: American Eagle, Watch: Guess, Sunglasses: Aldo
First look: Pair it with a Maxi! I think it’s super fun to go “full out hippy” and pair it with some accessories that also help play up the look. If it bothers you that your maxi is dragging on the ground, tying the end in a knot is a great way to keep it off the floor without compromising your style. I can’t stand when I’m on public transit and the dress is picking up all the dirt on the ground, so it’s a good option! 
I took some inspiration from coachella outfits that I saw online, and decided to go with a whimsy, more bohemian feel. Initially I thought that these would be super awkward to wear in public, but the more that I wear them I get more used to the idea. 
Crop top: American Apparel, Shorts: Hollister, Shoes: Converse low tops 

I am absolutely obsessed with the cult fave, Brandy Melville, so I decided to make the second look an homage to the brand. This is a more “city girl” and punky way to wear a flower crown, and I think it’s a great way to bring some 90’s inspired pieces back to life.

Dress: Brandy Melville
I would say look three is the most my style, because I love things that you can just throw on and go! 
How are you wearing your flower crowns?
xo Rach

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