all the little things (thanks to instagram)

Since I got my iPhone a couple of months ago, I have to admit I’ve become quite the “instagrammer”. I found myself becoming the absolute, typical, cliche Instagram user who was taking pictures of starbucks cups, my home cooked meals and every other stereotypically “Instagram” object. 
What’s funny about this, is that Instagram has truly become a photo diary for me. I tend to document more of what I’m doing during the day, and it has helped me discover my obsession with tcotchkes… I love all those small, semi-useless things that keep me motivated. 
I’m not sure if the above explanation made any sense, so let me put it simply: I freaking love small random things that have no other use but to just make me happy. Not saying that material things are the key to happiness, but there are so many small, adorable things that I use that really keep me moving…. and these are the things that I’m usually uploading to Instagram. 
So… without further ado, here are the little things that I’ve been obsessing over lately. 
First things first, I love to write. One little activity that has been keeping me sane is this book called “642 things to write about”, which I bought at Indigo (but you can also get at Urban Outfitters). It’s a fun book that keeps my creative juices flowing. It gives you all these really fun tasks such as “you are an astronaut, describe your perfect day”, and allotted space for you to write these scenarios. It has almost become another “diary” of mine, because they ask you so many persona stories, that for me, it is definitely something that I need to keep private from now on. It’s a great little book for everyday inspiration! 
I would consider myself someone who indulges in technology, so having an iPad has truly changed the way I browse the web, and has taken me to a whole ‘notha level of lazy. I also have all my subscriptions hooked up to my iPad so it’s a great eco-friendly way to read Cosmo, Seventeen and Glamour – some of my fave magazines. My iPad and my iPhone have really helped me stay on track just as much as they keep me in bed. There are so many apps that I would love to go on a tangent about, but it really deserves it’s own separate post. 

 And whilst I’m spending hours in bed, I would also see this as one of the “little things” that make me smile. I love my bed!! My whole life I’ve been sleeping in a twin size bed, and I’ve upgraded to a Queen sized bed this year which has actually impacted my life in so many ways. I really do see my bed as a quiet sanctuary, and is the place where I spend most of my time if I’m in my bedroom, whether it’s writing in 642 or playing guitar, which is another little thing that lights up my life. I recently took up guitar this summer, and it has been one of the best ways for me to unwind.

What are the little things that light up your world (like nobody else, haha)? 
xoxo Rachel 

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