With the new tv show The Carrie Diaries out & about, I decided to create my own ode to 80’s fashion by wearing scrunchies! Although I never really indulged in “scrunchie-wear” as a child, I definitely had my moments of hair accessory experimentation. I made a quick trip to pick up a few scrunchies, and I was most definitely impressed with the selection at American Apparel. My fave ones are definitely the velvet ones! Whether you just need to tie your hair up, want to try something new or have gym class – scrunchies are the best way to tie up your hair and not have those awkward kinks/dents.  Here are some ways that I wear my hair up!

1. Low side pony – leave your hair looser and fluff the ends out. If you have bangs, leave them out! It’s a really pretty way to make your hair look effortlessly put together.
2. High pony – I know that Blair Waldorf would never be caught DEAD in a scrunchie, but if she had to, I suppose this would be the most “blair way” to do it. Tie up all your hair and fasten it with the scrunchie, fluff the ends and loosen it a little so it looks less “done”.
3. Side rope braid – This could also be done in a fishtail braid or a normal loose braid, but I decided to do a rope braid because it’s fun and easy to wear casually, plus it doesn’t take a lot of time to do it. 
4. Messy bun – The messier the better, start with creating a pony tail, then bring your grip of the pony about an inch further down than you would normally wear it. Create your bun from there and leave some of your wispy front pieces out to keep it looking messy and casual.
Scrunchies – American Apparel – 7.00 each (buy three get one free) 
I’ve also mastered the art of online collages! Expect more of these…
xoxo Rach
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