settled, finalement

It’s been about an eternity since I’ve written last… and I am happily finally settled into my little college house in my lovely student ghetto. The walls in my room are painted “Cloud White” by Benjimen Moore, making it the perfect backdrop for future videos and blog posts. 
Lately, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with these american apparel crop tops – very “Miley” of me to try to pull one off – they’re not too bad in price and go great with high waisted skirts and shorts. 
I’m in love with this shirt, bought it on a day where I just felt downright crummy – it instantly brightened my day. A great find from Aritzia. I bought it oversized, as per usual when it goes to all t-shirt purchases of mine. 

I changed my room up this year and went for a much more “shabby chic” vibe – here ya go!

To another year,
xo Rach

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