it’s the little things… (my bedroom!)

 I’ve been super hyped on DIY ideas for my room. I live in student housing in my little college town – and is referred to often as the “student ghetto” – for GOOD reason. When we moved in, the walls were dingy… things were falling apart – and I took it upon myself to fix up my little misfit bedroom. The walls are slightly crooked and everything is a little wonky – but I love it nonetheless. 

What I wanted for my room was to make it a little cottage, and mix some eclectic and shabby-chic details along with it.

PROJECT 1 – Bulletin Board

I love bulletin boards, inspiration boards… vision boards – it all makes me super motivated and its a lovely way to display photos … reminders, etc. I bought a bulletin board at Stapes

I purchased this spray paint to make my bulletin board white, but it was a gigantic failure. The spray paint sinks right into the cork – making barely any of a difference. 

My bulletin board! (Purchased at Staples Business Depot)

After my big failure spray painting…
I royally gave up on my spray paint idea, and I ended up painting the bulletin board with a small tub of paint from Home Depot – It’s for furniture and trimmings – a high gloss white – “Cloud White” by Benjamin Moore, to be exact. 

My desk! 

I was so excited to put everything together, and I added some colour and touches through my photograph choices and putting my beautiful new watercolour pencil crayons on display, as well as some fun post its and erasers.

I LOVE white…
Just the little things….

My closet was probably the dreariest part of my room. It was dingy, and does not have a door to conceal it, so I wanted to spruce it up by doing a small fun DIY project.

The before (pictured above). It’s dreary … very scary!!! 

The process was very tedious. I used masking tape to cover the walls in a zig zag like pattern, then used a blue paint I got at an art store. I wanted a gray – blue neutral. 

The paint I used. I bought foam rollers at the dollar store. It took me about two of these small bottles for the wall (and two coats). It was fast, and dried pretty speedy as well! 
I still need to do a few touch ups due to the dripping, but it’s already made a world of a difference in my room. It brings some style!! 
Anywhoo, those are the two projects I spent my Friday night doing, but well worth it…

Here are some other parts of my room! 

My humble abode…
My sheets were purchased at Anthropologie… So cozy
Some of my favorite reads sitting on a seating pouf which was purchased at Home Sense 
Currently burning – “Volcano” candle, purchased at Anthropologie – it’s my fave scent right now!

As for a room tour goes, once my room is finally complete – I’ll be filming one shortly! 
Finally and able to relax and enjoy…

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were big things”
-Robert Brault

xoxo Rach

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