My mother has always wanted to go to this antique show in Brimfield, Massachusetts! So, mommy and I decided to trek 9 hours to the little town – and we were super excited for the show, and all the treasures we were about to find. Tons of celebrities, buyers, clothing companies (and bloggers!) come down to Brimfield to see the show! Brimfield sells antique EVERYTHING – jewelry, clothes, furniture, posters… you name it! I was mainly looking for small tchotchkes, costume jewelry, vintage clothes, and some accessories for my place.

An R for… Rachspeed

“If you love Rachspeed, raise your hands!!!!” …. and… I’m a nerd.

 There were tons of nifty things to see and buy in the tents, and original treasures you really can’t find anywhere else. I’m a terrible bargainer so I ended up paying the marked price a lot… but improved throughout the day.

Jacket, TNA – Leggings, Lululemon – Beanie,  H&M – Boots, Target – Backpack, Zumiez
      It was really rainy later into the day, and I’m happy my mother bought me these last minute rainboots from Target in this fun chevron pattern (after we realized we forgot a pair at home). I like to call them my “Optical Illision” boots. 

      OOOOH and the foood. As a self-proclaimed food junkie, I tried several of the booths there. I saw online last week that there was a mac and cheese booth, and that ultimately was the changing factor that made me want to come to Brimfield. 
      I am going to go to Boston for the rest of the week and will do a complete post on everything I take home from this trip once I’m back! Brimfield was ultimately successful and will possibly make a second appearance there tomorrow. 

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