Bel Ami, Online!

If you have been following me for the last couple of years, you would know that I am an intern at Bel Ami, a hair accessories company which specializes in school headbands and bridal/special occasion pieces. I have absolutely loved seeing the company change and grow over the years, and become what it is today!

A lot of you have asked me where you can buy Bel Ami headbands, and now you can finally shop online! Introducing…. ! This is great for those headband-lovers, where Toronto is a bit of a journey to pick up one of these dazzling pieces – now you can buy them and have them shipped right to your front door!

Here are some of my current favorites… (Photos courtesy of Bel Ami)

“Lavinia” headband

“Kaili” Brooch
I always loved the elegance Bel Ami pieces have, and a bit of vintage flair. Although these pieces are mainly used for weddings, I think that they go far beyond that and are perfect for any special occasion. I love that now, you are able to easily purchase these at the comfort of your own home. 
Unrelated, but had to…. 
Bel Ami also makes QUEEN’s headbands! (Not available online, but can be purchased at the tricolour outlet at Queen’s University)
Definitely will be sporting one of these for homecoming 😉

xoxo Rach

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