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        FASHION FIX – As you guys know from my last post, I am OBSESSED with Analog, a computer program with similar features to the hip iPhone app, Instagram. Since I’m iPhone deprived, this is how I got my insta-fix. The lake was beautiful today, so I decided to take a few photos (these were all edited with Analog). This bikini had been on my “wants” list for quite some time, and I finally got it last year! I love that “old” vintage look, and I think the suit is absolutely adorable, and you also tan great in it too because of the removable straps (thank you Victoria’s Secret!). 
weeee love the lake
mon ami sarah
felt kind of vintage today 
tanning mmmm

        I have been super obsessed with the gym lately, I decided to make a complete change in my life style habits. I want to be fit for summer! My friend Sarah (pictured below & above) & I have dedicated an hour or so of our time everyday (with the exception of Saturdays) to head over to the gym! Since I’m a university student, access to my gym is free – so why not? It’s also super quick to get there, only a five minute walk from my residence. 

“is this how you do it?”
       Growing up, I was never the “athletic one”, or the “wow you’re so incredibly coordinated!!!” one. In fact I was the complete opposite; I was the kid on the field who ran the opposite way in football when possessing the ball (true story), I’m the girl who falls off the treadmill (yes, true story), and, I’m the girl who knows absolutely nothing about working out. I was never on a school team, never took a high school gym credit by choice, and loved to sit on my bum and sleep all day. Being naturally thin, I never had the desire to exercise, play a sport, or do anything active because it never seemed to affect me.

       Not only I did not do anything active whatsoever, I LOVE to eat. Eating is a hobby for me. Anything greasy, buttery, cheesy, fried …. (I’m currently drooling as I write this), I could devour without second guessing. I love food more than the average person. If I didn’t love fashion so much, you best believe that my dream would be to work for a food magazine, where I could eat (and write, duh, but mostly eat) to my heart’s desire every single day. I love food network, Gordon Ramsay, and all the American iron chefs. One thing on my bucket list is to go to all the iron chef’s restaurants! I also pretty much eat like a football player, and people are usually surprised by the amount I could eat; and because of my small frame people tend to underestimate how much I can really eat. To keep it short, I have an extremely obsessive, nearing-unhealthy relationship with food.

      So, ditching the two boxes of Kraft Dinner (with extra, extra butter) which I used to frequently chow on this summer is going to be very tough. Facing the gym, not sure where to start was tough. Not only tough, embarrassing – due to my lack of athleticism and skill. The hardest part of being active is where to begin. However, one thing I realized is that it doesn’t matter where you start, or if you fall flat on your bum, the most important factor is that you START and go for it.

     I am by no means anywhere close to being a nutritionist, a personal trainer, or an athlete, but everyday I am one step closer to becoming a healthier person. I am not going to share exactly what I do at the gym, but I will definitely share my favourite personal resources and things that have kept me motivated. The reason why I decided to share this with all of you is because within the short period that I’ve started to become consistent in my workout routine, I feel stronger, better and have been reaping benefits that I didn’t even expect myself! I invite you to join me on this journey to become a fit, healthy person and live actively! Look forward to more posts on my journey to become (hopefully also coordinated) active!

my workout buddy & i


xoxo rach speed

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