So, I haven’t written anything other than a caption here or there on this blog for the past year, so this is the time to change that. I feel my brain shutting down (lack of sleep to blame), so excuse the occasional typos till I get a chance to fix ’em in the morning.
Reflecting on the year, Although it was great (academically) and great (opportunity-wise), I haven’t really accomplished much I wanted to do in terms of creating my little world of RACHSPEED. This year is completely dedicated to this. And by saying this, I deem 2012 the year I get ish done. End of story. I always have these great chances to show what I’m truly capable in this industry – but never take the risk, never seem to have enough time and never end up giving it my all. Without further ado (or pesky distractions) – get ready world….
1. Make RachSpeed the BEST it can be and ALL it can be – Full of videos, fashion, fun tips, photos – life, happiness …
enough said.
2. READ more. When I read I feel more fulfilled, something I haven’t felt in a long time.
love the new bedspread…and lauren conrad’s style book :)

3. Get my “blogger eye” back – bring camera everywhere, don’t be shy

4. take risks & follow my heart wherever it might lead me
5. remind myself that the past is practice
laladaydreaming:  the list can go on forever
6. get ORGANIZED- this is a big one. I need this in order to accomplish everything – I should really be using my blackberry to it’s full potential.
7. Get healthy, fit & ready for summer!
Anyways, back to a fresh semester & a fresh start… I’m beginning to realize what this is all about.
xoxo Rach
Images via tumblr & rachspeed photography

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