Fashion Show 2.0

Around this time last year, I was blogging about my school’s fashion show! Well, guess who had the opportunity to run it this year…. 🙂 As I have mentioned before, Sica’s Shot & I have been organizing our school’s fashion club! It has been such an amazing experience running it!

In case you are slightly confused about the theme, it is based around the royal wedding… which by the way, Kate’s dress was gorgeous… here is my fave photo:

Kate Middleton and Pippa Middleton - Royal Wedding Arrivals

so gorgeous.


Sarah Burton was such a fab choice. It would’ve been exactly who I would pick. Alot of people were not fond of the sleeves, but I LOVED them. I love how vintage and gorg this look is, and that it is different from any other wedding dress – as it should be. Although it looks quite similar to Grace Kelly’s dress, I give props to Kate for picking something so classic, and fashion forward.

Anyways! Back to the subject… I had so much fun creating flouncy dresses. The dress that I made was created out of all dollar store materials – Velcro, Duct tape, Table cloth… I was inspired by Oscar de la Renta and his flouncy, feminine shapes.

The chaos of backstage

(fashion girls, left & fellow prezzie sicasshot)

Just hanging with the duchess of Cambridge.
moi et la bestie

xoxo Rach

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    Hey gorgeous!
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