Masks have been my ultimate beauty/stress reliever grail item lately! LOVE the Watson’s masks my aunt has brought me back from her travels in Thailand & Singapore. Love it! I actually really like the whitening aspect of them (although I embrace being the dark, tan – skinned girl that I am) because it lightens any blemish marks on my face. I recently had a monstrous pimply party in the middle of my forehead and these will be the perfect way to lighten it up a little 🙂

The Whitening mask ( my fave )


I have also been using both these products (featured above) to exfoliate and refresh – Cure is apparently super popular in Asia and is a great exfoliant. Only downside for me is that it smells really chemically … and too much like rubbing alcohal. 🙁 But otherwise great! Have not tried it with the Clarisonic though.

More Contents of my makeup bag (was filming a video that has yet to be posted!)


xoxo Rach

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