Collecting New Thoughts


I haven’t written in a while but hopefully I’ll have some creative pieces up here soon. I don’t really know what I’m going to talk about here because I’m lacking some visual components. Haven’t taken any blog worthy photos lately, I hope you all will be fine with just a little blog post!
I am probably going to discuss in furthur detail on my Youtube channel, but the reason that I haven’t been posting as much is because I really want to take the time to get my Youtube up & going, and plus I only want to put up quality posts up here, while my Youtube is more for being silly & myself. I really want to organize my thoughts and what I want this blog to be about. Expect lots of fashion posts soon! I have just yet to be inspired!

Gathering inspiration through print media.

So for this reason of making my blog the best it can be, expect post time to be much more delayed than before, but I will be posting frequent Youtube. I just really want to make my blog a different experience than my Youtube, and I’m having a hard time juggling and making them each have their own sense of individuality. But I shall see where this road leads me…
Thanks to all my lovely readers,

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