In the KNOW w/ R. Speed

Hello all!

I haven’t updated in the longest time and I would be doing so… about now. I’m sitting at a Starbucks at the moment, they just renovated this one! it looks fabulous!

Staaah bucks!

I have started my internship as most of you know, and hopefully I will have the rest of my internship experience up and at it soon! It has been such an exciting experience!!

I was looking at past blog posts, and it was pretty incredible that I would be putting up posts daily, I find it so difficult now! Hopefully I’ll get back into the swing of things soon. I have a few projects/posts I’ve been working on, as well as my Youtube. Thank you so much to all my wonderful subscribers! I am so thankful! My youtube will mainly be for beauty related topics, since it’s much easier to show and teach beauty skills when it’s in video format. I will also do more personal vlogs & other stuff which will not be fashion related!

I’ve also been doing a little homework regarding my blog, some extra research. Seeing what my blog needs. Anywhoo, going to have a fun filled day – so see you laterr!


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