Bel Ami Headband Showcase/Summer Sale

Hello all!

As most of you know, I have been interning with Bel Ami Headbands this summer & it is my first internship experience. Throughout my adventure, I will be documenting about some fun things about my internship!

Bel Ami Display//YUMMY cupcakes!

On Monday, Bel Ami Headbands held a showcase/sale for all, held at the Milestones private dining room right in the heart of Toronto, Dundas square. I was extremely excited to help out! My main job was to wrap and assist people with their purchases.

Check out some of the photos, below!

A gorgeous sequined headband// Erin (my lovely boss & founder of Bel Ami!!) & I

Interns & Erin!!

Inspiration board for the summer collection, rose d’argent

It was super exciting to be there! It was probably one of my first retail experiences as well, and I felt nervous giving people back their change, I wouldn’t want to make a mistake with money! However, I think the most thrilling and nerve wracking part was the crowds of people who showed up! I really enjoyed it. The best thing however, was that everyone was super wonderful & this is truly a riveting experience for me, I’m soaking up every bit of it!

I wish I had more photos, but it’s hard to take photos whilst on the job! Hopefully I’ll have more soon!

xoxo Rach Speed the INTERN

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