Stylish Besties


Friday night, I went to a bbq to celebrate Jess’s birthday (she’s absolutely gorgeous)! Every single girly there was absolutely stylish – a running theme which I saw was the ever stylish jean shorts! cut offs are amazing, and completely perfect for a bbq!

I would’ve loved to post all the photos, however I forgot to ask for permission from some of the girls to post photos of them on my blog (and some were camera shy!) – so I’ll post the ones that got the okay-go! 🙂

birthday girly!

These were some great sandals, my friend, Julia was sporting – I honestly thought they were from Anthropologie – but they’re actually Old Navy! So gorgeous!

The besties, always featured here!

A QUICK TIP: did you know you can wash converse?! I bought these white converse last year, and they were practically gray. I put them through the wash, and they turned out practically brand new. I chose white ones last year because I could bleach them, while coloured converse I could not.

clean and white! 🙂

It was a blast! Will post soon. A huge happy birthday shout out to the gorgeous Jess!

Love, Rach

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