A Night to Remember


Saturday night, I went to a bat mitzvah of someone whose practically a sister, Elan! I decided to take advantage of dressing up & took some photos to share!

My sister & I were decked out in Anthropologie! It’s the more whimsical, sister store to Urban Outfitters. My sister opted for some fun strappy Versace heels, while I wore these amazing tie-dye Miu Miu’s. Also, I decided to wear my hair up! I just put it into a look chignon with a clip & an elastic. I was kind of trying to go for Lauren Conrad’s ever-stylish updo.

And here are some photos from that night! Enjoy!

The girls, decked out in designer, of course. (The girl of the night, gorgeous in purple)

Recognize my style star below?

Mazel Tov Elan & Love Love Love,


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