What’s In My Makeup Bag?

Hello readers!

It’s always important to pack the absolute beauty essentials. You’ll never ever know when you’re mascara will run, your hair poofs up or when you just need a simple touch up. Do not fret! You’re makeup bag will always come sweeping in to save you!

What I have here is the essentials I put in my makeup bag! The one I carry around, were part of a gift from two of my friends – It’s Harajuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani for Sephora. It is lined with plastic, so it’s extremely easy to clean. Plus, I have hand washed it – and it turned out as good as new! The one I carry is pretty big, probably also big enough for travel.

On one side I organized non-makeup items, most have to do with purely grooming as well as hygiene. I will now explain what I carry on the first side of my makeup case!

Hand Sanitizer (Purell) – Especially with all the germs & viruses flying around these days, it’s great to have, this way you don’t have to run to the bathroom every time you feel germy or icky! These travel sizes are perfect to stow in your bag! There are different types of hand sanitizers, but I prefer Purell, it’s not sticky & I prefer them unscented.

Nail Buffer – Pretty self explanatory, but this way your nails will look fresh and you won’t have to fuss or be self-conscious about them.

Makeup Remover – If your makeup begins to run after the gym, or you’ve been out the rain, it’s great to have your makeup remover, you’ll feel refreshed and have a clean canvas to do your makeup over again.

Pad/Tampon (in the elephant cover) – A slick way to cover a personal object is using a square change pocket. Always need one just in case!

Cotton pads/Cotton Swabs – Great for applying last minute touches, removing makeup or removing or cleaning up your nail polish! A universal MUST.
Hair Elastics/Bobby Pins – To do last minute updos, or just simply tying your hair up.

All of these items (listed above) were purchased at my local drugstore.

The next is my makeup side! I put the absolute essentials for touch ups.

Lip Balm – Re-moisturize your lips! I use Burt’s Bees, I’m a faithful follower! Burts Bees Lip Balm in Pomegranate

Pocket Mirror– For last minute reassurance that you look gorgeous! (The kitty one was a gift from my Grandma on her trip to Hong Kong)

Bronzer– A must for that pretty, toasted, sun-kissed glow! Laura Mercier Bronzer in Coral

Mascara – This mini one is perfect and small enough to fit in the smallest clutches! DiorShow

Eyeliner Korres

Lip Gloss Miss Marble, Mac
An all purpose makeup brushBobbi Brown Hand cream – This on smells like my favorite – citrus & cantaloupe! Yummy. Fruits & Passion
Multiple – This is one of the best makeup products to carry in your bag, because it has so many different purposes. You can use it on your lips, eyes cheeks… It’s the legendary Nars Multiple in “Orgasm” – A pretty, dewy pink that you can apply on basically any part of your face. Nars Multiple, Orgasm
Blush – It sets the multiple as well as gives a pretty flush to your cheeks! Smooth Merge Mineral Skin Finish, Mac

And that is what I keep in my makeup bag! xoxo Rach!

“I want more makeup!!

PS. BARBIE SPEEDFEATURE IS STILL COMING. I’m sorry I’ve been sorta slacking! Please remind me! xx

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