To Dim-Sum it Up (& my first YOUTUBE vid!)

Hello everyone!

Today, I went to lunch with the family, just as usual rach Sundays go. The hustle & bustle of China Town always gives me such a thrill! I took a few photos today!

Let me start by doing an outfit of the day!

Dress is Jacob and bought A LONG time ago, but I decided to revive it and belt it. Belt is vintage. Paired it with my favorite, the always stylish jean jacket (the Gap)! As well as a leather bag and my leather thong sandals, which unfortunately not shown in the photo, but they are shown in the photos below. I also wore my favorite sunglasses from Forever 21! I absolutely love these. They are similar to the Chloe ones in past seasons, except probably for about five percent of the price. My cousin JKÈ has the real ones, they’re lovely!

Here are some more photos of my day:

It was such beautiful weather! Also, I have been constantly egged on by readers ( you know who you are!) to start Youtube. And I am proud to announce the launch of my channel, RachSpeed! This is just a goofy video of me & my sister in the car, but I plan to make more serious ones in the future, with REAL information! 🙂 Also, I think I’m going to do those “take you around vlogs” sort of like WongFu weekends, except fashion-ish? I’m going to write as well as make videos, when I’m in the video mood. I feel that it’s more personable! I can’t wait to see your response! SO… Here is RACHSPEED below! Tell me what you guys think!

xoxo RACH

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  1. J.W

    omfg, i actually LOL'd when ur sister pulled out that lychee jelly jar! it's soooo huge, amazing it fits!
    btw, am i your first commenter?

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