SHH… My Secret Wants LIST

Hi everyone!

This’ll be a small post on some things that are definitely on my wish list for summer. They all range in price, but I hope to find more inexpensive versions, because isn’t it the best when you find a great deal? Anyway, these are a few things I’ll be lusting over this summer!

1. THE WEDGE: I love these ones because they are high and the straps are thick and leathery. Also, I love the fact that the wedge is wood, as well as angular and interesting in it’s own right. I think brown is quite the versatile colour, and it would look great with denim or pretty floral dresses! They are different from espadrilles, but still give that same bohemian look – however, I feel that these ones have a much cleaner appearence and can make you look more put together. Another great bonus of wedges is that they are extremely comfortable and you’ll be completely fine in them all day long!

2. THE RETRO SWIMSUIT: Can anyone tell me where on earth I can find this bathing suit. The new Teen Vogue issue comes out this month, and Amanda Seyfried (from the movies Mean Girls, Dear John, Mamma Mia!, and her newest, Letters to Juliet) graces the cover in some exquisite retro looks. One look in particular that I fell absolutely in love with is …. THIS BATHING SUIT!! I have yet to buy the issue so I cannot see where it is from, but I absolutely love it. I think they styled it to a tee, the high ponytail is perfect. Also, I love the fact that there is a little skirt, it reminds me of my swimsuit when I was little! I’ve actually been wanting a red one piece bathing suit for quite some time… but now I finally found the perfect one! (I just now need to know where I can get one!)

3. Turquoise Statement Necklace: When I was watching “The Rachel Zoe Project”, I just couldn’t get over how she styled Eva Mendes for the Golden Globes (pictured left). She wore this beautiful white dress along with this stunning turquoise necklace. I haven’t found anything like it yet, but I did find a jade coloured one at Forever 21 (which is pictured above to the right). However, it’s not similar enough to the photo for me, and I’m not diggin’ the black ribbon with the green colour. I’m totally drooling over this necklace! I think it would look great with either a formal dress or just with a denim jean jacket and a white tee- whatever floats ya boat!

4. Paloma Sugar Stacks: I’ve heard about these for quite some time now, but I haven’t actually wanted one till now. I think it’s absolutely so pretty and simple. I chose the green one which is a peridot stone – which also happens to be my birthstone! They are quite pricey, so I don’t think I’ll be able to get one for quite some time – but I love it!

So those are my wants for now! I thought they would also bring some inspiration to my blog ideas, and maybe draw from them when I go shopping. It’s easier to shop when you know what you’re looking for! I’ll be back with more posts soon! Also, Thank you to everyone whose watched & supported my Youtube Channel! You can watch that HERE. I’ll be juggling between the two – but I’ll definitely be posting on my blog as frequently as usual, so don’t fret! I think I’ll also be doing videos often to, let’s see how I manage!


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