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Hello Loves!

So today, is something completely new, I would love to introduce my current style star, Dasha. She is a bestie of mine, who has a keen eye for pretty, chic pieces such as floral patterned dresses and blazers. I picked my favorite looks of Dasha, as you will see below. Before I get to that, I asked Dasha what her favorite trends for spring and summer are, plus what she’ll be wearing this summer.

She is a ballet dancer/student and you can definitely spot her on bloor, the annex or at the nearest Club Monaco finding her latest steal. Now, let’s see what her fave trends for this summer will be:

1.) The outdated rule againts socks and sandals has got out the window this coming spring. Add lightweight thigh-highs with your floaty summer dresses.

2.) Tuck the ends into a belt- hold your beautiful flowy scarf in place with a belt.

3.) ROMPER ROMPER ROMPER – you cant go wrong!

4.) Last but not least, for the chilly days in spring. These lightweight flowy but flattering pants.

Dasha’s style is light, flowy, romantic – but has a little bit of edge. She enjoys to take risks with fashion, and doesn’t hesitate to rock the latest fashion obsessions. Always looking graceful (she’s a ballet dancer), she also takes inspiration from

Accessorized with simple shorts, blazers, pretty grey short sleeved turtle necks and floral skirts.

Sequins, Ballet Dancer, Blue shorts (The same ones I own! See my summer trends post)

Photography (Pictures to the high right and lower right) by Emma Novotny

The skirt; a statement piece – added with simpler pieces such as a white tank, a flesh coloured cardigan, a leather shoulder bag… and a smoothie! yum.

I picked Dasha as my current style star because of her way to make simple pieces look chic, and throwing in a trend or two – but still looking sharp, simplistic and pretty! Surprisingly, we actually own a lot of the same stuff (ha! did you notice the blue shorts?) and I find that sometimes, our styles are quite similar.

Dash & I as little tykes!

Hope you enjoyed!

xx Rach

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  1. J.W

    omgosh, the picture of u and her when u were young is soo cute!

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